Weapon Modifications can only be done at the time of renewal.


General Information

Learning the laws regulating the use of firearms is a must for responsible ownership. Local regulations differ and laws vary from state to state. Citizens must check with the jurisdiction where the firearm is to be used.

In California, the Sheriff and his staff are required to follow strict state and local guidelines when performing the necessary background checks for issuing Concealed Weapon Permit. Due to the detailed nature involved with conducting these background checks, appointment times and processing times can take multiple weeks. During the application process, the applicant will be asked to schedule an interview appointment for a new Concealed Weapon Permit. Please note that for a new Concealed Weapon Permit a non-refundable $20 application fee will be required to reserve an appointment for an interview.

If the applicant is RENEWING a Concealed Weapon Permit in Sacramento County, they may not apply until 45 days before the expiration date listed on their current Concealed Weapon Permit.



  • The administrative cost for a New Concealed Weapon Permit is $100.00. An applicant will pay a non-refundable $20 application fee, and if approved, be asked to pay an additional $80 prior to receiving their Concealed Weapon Permit.   After you have been approved by the CCW Committee, you will be asked to complete the LiveScan Fingerprinting at one of our facilities to initiate the DOJ/FBI background checks.  This costs $130 ($93 DOJ fee + $37 Sheriff's Office rolling fee).
  • A Standard Renewal of a Concealed Weapon Permit costs $77.
  • Any Modification (e.g. residence or firearm change) to a Concealed Weapon Permit costs $10.
  • For credit card transactions a nominal credit card transaction fee will be charged for each transaction. Charges will be viewable prior to transaction completion.
  • Appointments for New Concealed Weapon Permit will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Click the appropriate button (NEW, RENEW, DUPLICATE or MODIFY) on the left of this screen to proceed with an application for a Concealed Weapon Permit.


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Permit to Carry Information

Concealed Weapon Permit Requirements: must meet ALL requirements

Completing the Application

California Penal Code sections 26150 and 26155 provide that a sheriff of a county or the chief or other head of a municipal police department of any city or city and county may issue a license to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person (CCW license). Penal Code section 26175 requires the Attorney General to prescribe a statewide standard application form for a CCW license.  Answering all the questions on the Application does not guarantee the issuance of a Concealed Weapon Permit. The determination whether to issue the license is at the discretion of the licensing authority. Pursuant to California Penal Code section 26160, each licensing authority will have a written policy summarizing their requirements for issuance of a Concealed Weapon Permit. In addition, prior to issuing a Concealed Weapon Permit, the California State Statutes require proof that:


  • The applicant is of good moral character;
  • Good cause exists to issue the Concealed Weapon Permit;
  • No prohibitive criminal history;
  • The applicant meets residence requirements; and
  • The course of training prescribed by the licensing authority has been completed.


The Application includes standardized questions to determine whether a Concealed Weapon Permit shall be issued.  The applicant will certify under penalty of perjury that all answers provided in the application are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.  The applicant will also acknowledge that information disclosed on this application may be subject to public disclosure. Information provided in the application is subject to investigation and any false, dishonest, or incomplete answer to any question on the application may be grounds for denial or subsequent revocation of a Concealed Weapon Permit.  WARNING: IT IS A CRIME TO KNOWINGLY PROVIDE FALSE INFORMATION ON AN APPLICATION TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON.

Please click on this link to view APPLICATION/PERMIT DENIAL REASONS



Your home address must be current with the California DMV and you must be a resident of Sacramento County.  We are required to check DMV’s database to ensure your home address is updated and current.  You cannot update your home address simply by registering a vehicle or updating your vehicle registration.  It can take over 72 hours for the DMV database to reflect the changes.  It is not required that your actual driver’s license reflect your current address as the DMV does not normally issue you a new license simply because you update your address. We will check the DMV database to make sure it matches your current home address.


If you served in the US Military you will need to upload a copy of your DD-214 that displays the type of discharge you received.  Active military personnel must have a valid California driver’s license or California IDENTIFICATION CARD to establish residence. 

Former Law Enforcement Officers

If you are a former PEACE OFFICER, as defined in Chapter 4.5, (commencing with section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code, or a Federal qualified law enforcement officer, as defined in section 926B of Title 18 of the United States Code you must apply to your last agency of employment for a Concealed Weapon Permit.  If you are denied you must obtain a denial letter from that agency and upload it along with all other required documents. 

US Residency

If you were not born in the United States you will be required to upload verification that you are here in the US legally by uploading to your application:

  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Resident Alien Card (be sure to upload the back side showing the expiration date, if applicable).
  • Valid US Passport
  • Certificate of Birth Abroad

Proof of Residency

When submitting an application for a NEW, RENEWAL or Address MODIFICATION, all applicants will be required to upload the following:

  • You will need to scan two (2) items for proof of residency.  The proofs of residency must be at least the entire first page of the bill, including the tear-off, mail-out portion so we can view both the location of service and the address where the bill is mailed and ensure there is no past due balance.   The proofs of residency must be dated within the last 60 days.  We DO NOT accept overdue bills.  We also do not accept documents from DMV, lease/rental agreements, tax bills, nor insurance policy statements.  If your bills/statements are not delivered to your residence, please go ONLINE and print out a copy of the actual bill/statement and upload them into your application by following the procedure to ADD FILES.   Acceptable proof of residency must be a MONTHLY bill such as:

    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Cell phone bill
    • Credit card statement
    • Mortgage statement


A total of three (3) firearms can be listed on your permit.  Be sure each firearm you list on your Concealed Weapon Permit is registered to you or your spouse/registered domestic partner.  This can only be done if the two of you reside together.  The firearm(s) cannot be registered to any other family member.  You may not add rifle caliber weapons (AR-Pistol, AK-Pistol, etc.) to your CCW permit.

Order Number and Password

After you submit a NEW, RENEWAL, MODIFICATION or DUPLICATE application and pay your fees, you will receive an email providing you with your Order Number.  Please print this email out and save it for your records because you will be required to access your Order throughout various stages of the CCW process.  Also, please do not forget your password.   To access your Order go to the top of the page on this website, click on ORDER TRACKER, then type in your Order Number and password.


Failure to complete all steps in the CCW process six (6) months from the date of the Approval email will result in the withdrawal of the CCW Application, as will inactivity on the application for six months.

Please click on this link to view the CCW BUREAU’S POLICIES AND PROCEDURES



NEW Applicant – prior to completing  a NEW Application please be prepared to upload the following:

  • A copy of your valid California driver’s license, or California ID.
  • Two (2) items for proof of residency.
  • If applicable, upload your DD214 with type of discharge included.
  • Upload verification that you are in the US legally if you were not born in the US.

Please DO NOT take your training and qualification courses or get fingerprinted until instructed to do so. Please do not jump ahead in the process as your training and qualification courses will not be accepted.   You may list the handguns you initially wish to list on your permit; however, the final handguns listed on your CCW permit will based upon the information provided on the Training and Qualification verification documents your Firearms and Qualification Instructor will provide to you to upload later in the process.

The steps in the NEW Application process are as follows:

1. Submit a NEW Application and pay fees.

2. Schedule your Interview appointment.  All interviews are conducted at 2101 Hurley Way.   If you desire an earlier appointment than the calendar has available, please check the appointment calendar regularly because a rescheduled or cancelled appointment will open up that appointment slot.  By accessing your Order and selecting a new appointment date, the other appointment will automatically be cancelled. 

3. Upload all required documents.  Failure to upload all required documents at least five (5) business days (this timeframe excludes Friday/Saturday/Sunday and all Holidays) prior to your appointment or your appointment will be cancelled. 

4. After your interview your application will be sent to the CCW Committee.  The Committee meets once per month and a decision regarding your CCW application will be emailed to you.  This process can take up to two months depending on the Committee’s workload.

5. If approved you will receive a Contingent Approval email with instructions for completing the remainder of the CCW process (LiveScan fingerprinting, training and qualification courses and uploading two final proofs of residency).   All remaining steps and the uploading of all remaining required documents must be completed within six (6) months of the Approval email.  

6. Once all required documents have been uploaded and the DOJ/FBI background clearances have been received (typically received within one week), your application will be Contingently Approved and you will receive an email requesting that you make your final payments.

7. Staff will process your application in order by date/time of submission and finalize your application.  You will receive an email advising you of the dates/times for pickup (Tuesdays/Thursdays, 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.).

New Applicant Information

The online application process includes notification features and the ability to upload documents remotely. If you choose not to use the online system to submit your application you must come to the CCW office at 2101 Hurley Way. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to fill out.  We do not offer this paperwork online. You will be asked to return the application in person with the appropriate required documentation and you will need to provide the appropriate payment via check or money order.  Once received, the paper applications will be processed accordingly as they require additional effort.  We are unable to do this process over the phone or via email. Applications submitted in this manner will not receive automatic notifications of status changes and all online features will be unavailable. All communications with the applicant will be made via the U.S. Postal Service. Information requested during the process must be mailed to the CCW Bureau and all requests for documents/information will be made in this same manner.

RENEWAL – CCW Permit Holders may renew their CCW permits 45 days prior to the permit’s expiration. 

NOTICE TO ALL CCW PERMIT HOLDERS:  Pursuant to Penal Code Section 26210 and CCW Bureau Policies and Procedures, all CCW Permit Holders are required to notify the CCW Bureau of any change in residency, temporary or permanent, within 10 days of the date they move by submitting an online Modification Application for an address change (note:  please upload only the documents associated with a change of address; it is not necessary to upload training and qualification documents for an address change only).  Please follow the instructions for submitting a Modification Application for an address change (see instructions below).   FAILURE TO DO SO RENDERS YOUR CCW PERMIT INVALID!!

Prior to completing a RENEWAL Application, please be prepared to upload the following:

  • A copy of your valid California driver’s license, or California ID.
  • Two (2) items for proof of residency.
  • If applicable, upload your DD214 with type of discharge included.
  • Upload verification that you are in the US legally if you were not born in the US.
  • 4-Hour Firearms Training Certificate that lists the date of your training and qualification and each weapon you qualified with that will appear on your permit (refer to above Firearms section).
  • Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department CCW qualification form also listing each firearm.


PLEASE NOTE:   Renewal Applicant must answer all questions on the application truthfully and honestly, even if the information has previously been disclosed.  There is a 60-day grace period if you let your permit expire but you cannot conceal carry if your permit has expired.  If you fail to submit your Renewal Application and scan and upload all required documents by the end of the 60-day grace period, you will have to start the process over as a New Applicant.


MODIFICATION Applications are submitted to change your home address.  They must be submitted within 10 days of the day that you move and you are also required per California State law to change your home address with the California DMV.  We will check the DMV database to ensure you have done so.  Modification Applications can also be submitted to add/delete firearms on your permit; however, please know these types of applications have the very lowest priority because first priority is given to New/Renewal/Address Modification applications.  Gun modifications are best done at time of Renewal.


Prior to Completing a MODIFICATION Application, be prepared to upload the following:

  • Upload a copy of your valid California driver’s license, or California ID.

  • IF CHANGING YOUR HOME ADDRESS:   Be prepared to scan two (2) items for proof of residency (refer to above section Proofs of Residency).

All Modification applications will be processed in order by date/time of submission and they will not take priority over New and Renewal applications. 

DUPLICATE Applications are submitted to request a duplicate copy of a lost/stolen permit.  Prior to Completing a DUPLICATE Application, be prepared to upload the following:

  • Upload a copy of your valid California driver’s license, or California ID. 
  • Upload a copy of a police report you must file to document the loss/theft of your permit.  This report must be filed with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the location where the loss/theft occurred.


Gaining competency with firearms is like learning to drive a car or fly an airplane. You need expert instruction and practice. There is no shortcut. If you are not willing to invest the time and effort to become competent, then having a firearm and trying to use it can, in many instances, be more hazardous than any impending threat.

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